Important Reasons to Hire an Experienced General Contractor

Seeing behind the drywall in a home tells me a lot about the quality of the construction used to build it. I frequently see where corners were cut and proper building standards were not followed leading to safety hazards. Many of the safety hazards that result are avoidable with just a little extra effort.

As a general contractor, I know the proper building standards and adhere to them. And despite spending a significant amount of my time waiting on building inspectors, I believe the inspections and the enforcement of proper building standards are necessary. Every time we perform demolition work, I become more convinced of this fact.

Recently, I had the opportunity to look behind the walls of my own house–we’re currently doing a renovation. Here are some of the hazards I saw in one room of my own home:

1. Improper wiring

The electricity working does not mean the wiring is done properly. The electricity worked fine in my home, but when we looked behind the drywall there were several serious hazards.

2. Poor framing — no header

The header is part of a system designed to transfer weight from above, down and around the window and door openings to the floor and foundation. Headers need to be a sturdy bridge supported at each end.

3. No fire blocking

The purpose of fire blocking is two fold: 1) Starve a fire of oxygen; and 2) Prevent the fire from spreading.

If you have any questions about maintenance, remodeling or a renovation — We are happy to assist you. And, you can always call me for help or advice on any home project.


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